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Lee Samowitz, Esq., has practiced personal injury, motor vehicle, worker’s compensation, real estate,  condominium, bankruptcy, business organization, and eviction  law in federal and Connecticut state courts since 1978 as a partner in Samowitz and Samowitz, LLC. He was an 18-year veteran of the Connecticut House of Representatives from Bridgeport until 2002 and Co-Chairman of the Commerce Committee. He edited the Connecticut Common Interest Act, which is the nation’s model law for condominiums and cooperatives. As House Chairman of the Commerce Committee, he was known as “Representative Brownfield” and he helped author the Urban and Industrial Sites Reinvestment Tax Credit Program under Section 32-9t that provides fungible state tax credits dollar for dollar expended for major developments.  For over 30 years he has practiced law in state and federal court and Lee is currently a partner in SAMOWITZ & SAMOWITZ, LLC, a law firm from Fairfield County and  a partner in Merritt Governmental Consulting, LLC, a  state lobbying organization.  

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